Higher Clairvoyance

MCKS Higher Clairvoyance

5th September 2016

Pre-requisite: Arhatic Yoga Level 1&2

The Higher Clairvoyance Course is specifically designed to faciliate Healing. The course provides the principals and techniques to develop the “inner eyes” which in esoteric science is also called “Heaven Eyes”.


Some of what you will learn:

  • How to “model” the chakra patterns of High Level Clairvoyants to help you see quickly!
  • Simple and effective techniques to gently control the opening and closing of the chakra’s protective web that allows one to SAFELY see the inner world.
  • The techniques to put yourself in the optimum emotional and mental state to receive energetic images, and heighten intuition. The whole class will then practice all the techniques extensively!
  • Special exercises to practice continually to develop & further enhance clairvoyant faculties.
  • The step-by-step techniques to observe: the Inner Aura, Health Rays, Outer Aura, and Chakras of your partner and much more…
  • This a system of techniques used by Advanced Healers and Clairvoyants. Arhatic Yoga purifies the aura and chakras to allow the student to see clearly through their own energy fields. Arhatic Yoga practitioners will generate tremendous amounts of pranic energy which facilitates clairvoyant faculty.